To celebrate our online index of past issues, we asked the founders of some of our favorite blogs to make a selection of their preferred images from the Self Service archives.

We will post mood boards from The Sartorialist, The Coveteur, Café Mode, Into The Gloss, September Industry, Haw-Lin, and amongst others, every day for the next ten days.

Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist
"The thing I love about Self Service are the polaroid portraits by Ezra Petronio. Not only does it capture a moment in time of the movers and shakers of the fashion community, but he also

does a fantastic job capturing the oversized personalities within a tiny, confined space. How he's able to communicate personality through simple gestures and composition is the mark

of a truly accomplished photographer. The other element that I really enjoy is the unvarnished, un-romanticized "portraits" of fashion product. He lets the simple beauty of each design

speak for itself without the aid of overcomplicated set design or other elements that would distract from the subject at hand."