To celebrate our newly launched Self Service website Index, we asked Garance Doré to select her favorite images.

1. What is your obsession of the moment?

Decorating my apartment!

2. When did you discover Self Service?

Very early, first issue. I was 20 and I was already reading every possible magazine.  What is funny is that I was also an avid reader of 20 ans at the time – a very curious french teen magazine with great fashion pages (Emmanuelle Alt was there at that point). Hélène Fillières, a regular model of 20 ans, was the first model on to appear on the cover of Self Service. I was literally in love with Hélène (I wanted to look like her) and so I bought Self Service right away.

Even more than i-D or The Face, Self Service felt like a forbidden fruit to me, like entering a super cool club I was not really a part of.

3.Which is your favourite issue?

I loved the Joe McKenna one. Loved it ! You know what I loved the most ? That suuuuuper long editorial with Stella Tennant by Inez & Vinoodh Matadin. It kept coming… I loved it ! Plus it came with the first iPad edition ! Do you feel my excitement here? I was so thrilled to discover it. And the text… I loved reading the text on my Ipad, and I think the interviews are always spot-on, very insightful.

4. Do you collect Self Service, if so, why?

I don’t think I collect anything. But I was just staying at a friend’s in Paris who had all the old editions and I decided to spend half a day just going through them. It was a delightful morning.

5. Which is your favorite editorial?

I love Ezra’s portraits and pictures. I don’t know how he does it: he succeeds in creating super sexy images without ever getting pornographic. There is a real elegance. I find that super cool.

6. What are your upcoming projects?

The usual “I can’t talk about it” projects – including video, photos, illustrations and more storytelling.  But again my blog is my favorite project. That’s where I feel free.


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