Claudia Schiffer, model
1. Quality time with family
These are memories I shall hold forever. If time is lost it is very difficult to recapture
those missed moments. I would hate to look back and think if only…

2. Books
In a world where everything has become so fast-paced and often disposable there is
nothing like sharing time and reading with your children, becoming immersed in books
about photography and art or just capturing time to read by yourself and getting lost
in your imagination—it’s a wonderful feeling. Among my favorites are Ambroise Vollard’s
Souvenirs d’un marchand de tableaux and Pierre Assouline’s L’homme de l’art.

3. Cashmere jumpers
Timeless, effortless, the ultimate in comfort. I love Iris von Arnim cashmere jumpers.
I have been buying them for many years. My favorite colors are the classic black and browns
but I also love the autumnal palette colors.

4. Jeans
A must-have. I wear MiH, Seven, and Hudson.
5. A-line dress
For those days when you want to throw on something comfortable but still feel chic.
6. Falke opaque tights
They make your legs look great and are a perfect match for a short dress.
7. Sunglasses
The ultimate accessory and perfect to hide behind, especially when you have been up all
night with the children. I don’t have a particular model but I tend to always wear sunglasses
by Stella McCartney, Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel.

8. The internet
For research and shopping: information at your fingertips. As a working mother I couldn’t
live without it. I use Net-a-Porter, Little Fashion Gallery, Alexandalexa, Amazon.

9. Louis Vuitton travel case
I’ve had this for so many years and take it whenever I travel. It’s the perfect size as
I always prefer to carry hand luggage to cut down my journey time.

10. Cashmere travel blanket
I still have the same one I bought when I started modeling. When I travel I try and catch
up on sleep whenever I can and this feels like a second skin.

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