Aaron de Mey, Makeup Artist

1. Lanvin classic tuxedo

I bought it and had it tailored to fit at the Faubourg Saint Honoré store. It makes me think of school prom photos and I love wearing

it in subversive situations like at the grocery store or hanging out with friends at a bar early evening for a beer. Always with trainers

and a scruffy t-shirt or a plastic shopping bag.

2. A black iPod and a Frédéric Malle candle in red glass
I always travel with these to remind me of home.
3. Balmain black leather biker pants
A true classic – great fit, nonchalant style. Looks great with a destroyed t-shirt, tank top or a dress shirt.
4. Jewelry
I make and customize my own. I rip the black ribbons off Lanvin shopping bags and tie them around 
my neck, I transformed a Godiva

chocolate box ribbon into a necklace and I ripped the pass off a 
backstage pass from my favorite concert and attached a small toy Smurf

to it as a good luck charm. Always, everyday, a classic Tiffany small silver cross and anything else I find in domestic life that 
I can

procure and tie around my wrist to conceal the luxury of my watch.

5. Nirvana/ Kurt Cobain concert t-shirts
I wear them until they fall apart and then I safety pin them back together and wear them again. 
He’s my style hero and these are true classics.

6. New and vintage black hooded sweatshirts and t-shirts
From any top skate label – preferably Thrasher, Vision Street Wear or Supreme in New York.  
I rip the sleeves off or tie around my waist

for a layered, skater style.

7. Cheap Monday skin-tight jeans
In black and blue denim which I wear every day and prefer with the knees ripped and destroyed.

8. Ann Demeulemeester tank-tops
In cotton with black trim around the neck and armholes. I wear them by themselves in summer 
or I layer them under t-shirts for

a disheveled look. Ultimate comfort.

9. Converse black high-top sneakers
Classic. I wear them all day, everyday as they remind me of River Phoenix and Kurt Cobain. 
The more worn-out and destroyed, the better.

10. Rolex 1954 silver watch
The date adjusts from black to red and looks deeply punk to me, in a luxurious way.
11. Books
“Mad World: Evelyn Waugh and the Secrets of Brideshead” by Paula Byrne – the story of the family 
upon which the infamous story

of Brideshead Revisited was based. “Just Kids” by Patti Smith – 
the portrayal of Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe’s relationship.

They are both my favorite books 
of the last few years and I keep them in my backpack to reread and travel with as they remind

of authenticity and devotion.
12. Prada deep navy blue cashmere classic-styled coat
I throw it over thrift store clothes or use it as a blanket or pillow when I travel.

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