Rick Owens
1. A black Onagadori rooster.
They were bred to grow tail feathers of up to 6 meters for Samurai helmets in Japan
around 1600 and are still bred today. They’re kept on tall perches to protect their
tails and walked with a breeder holding the tail. Oh, and i need a breeder.

2. Warthog tusk door handles designed by Ruhllmann.
From the Palais Porte Dorée, my favorite museum in Paris. When you go, don’t miss
the alligator pit in the basement atmospherically sprayed with steam…

3. A years supply of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.
I haven’t found them in Paris.
4. A pair of matching George Hoentschel urns that we saw at the Biennale Antiquaires.
Hoentschel specialized in an especially lugubrious art nouveau style and did interiors for
the Comte Robert de Montesquiou, a personal idol of mine who supposedly was the inspiration
for Proust’s Baron de Charlus and Huysman’s Des Eissantes. We already got one of
another pair of his urns but the NY Met has the other one.

5. 100 pairs of black socks from American Apparel.
Mine are always disappearing.

Michèle Lamy
1. From Rick: A Prince of Light disco ball.
2. From Scarlett: Magic Trauma Sprinkles.
3. From Doug Aitken: 99 Cents Dream Frontier.
4. A stall on Venice Beach with my Mom.
5. Window shopping in Times Square on Christmas Eve with all of them.

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