Edward Meadham, Meadham Kirchhoff
1. The perfect, most classic, all black wool bouclé Chanel jacket.
The only thing I have ever wanted to wear and my overriding obsession over the last few months.
2. The torn black velvet dress which Courtney Love wore on the cover of Flipside magazine in 1991.
It was Hole’s first magazine cover and a perfect example of one of Courtney’s classic black dress looks,
which have been a long-enduring influence on me.

3. One of the yellow crooked perspective wall-mounted chairs by Berlin artist Philip Wiegard.
Philip has been working with us making sculptures/installations for our shows. I approached him after
I fell in love with this series of his work.

4. An unstructured crushed Hermès Kelly in battered black lambskin.
I dont even use bags, but the Hermès Kelly is one of the most perfect pieces of classic design
and craftsmanship, the perfect bag. I have wanted one for as long as i can remember. I would sleep with
it so that it would take my shape perfectly.

5. The original artwork by Courtney Love for a gig that Hole did in 1990 with a band called
Slug at the Jabberjaw in LA.

It is a collage of two little girls in black dresses with white collars, talking on the telephone,
looking like Siamese twins. It has been my favourite image since my early teens, and another
of my most important influences. Courtney’s talent for visual presentation is underrated.

Benjamin Kirchhoff, Meadham Kirchhoff
1. A hand-carved Japanese robot.
These are super rare. They’re hand-carved ivory or precious wood and they are tiny.
I’ve never seen one bigger than 4cm tall. They’re sort of puzzles as well because they
have those secret mechanisms that make their tongues, eyes and other protuberances pop out.

2. A Navajo woven rug.
One of the undyed ones. The colours used in the motif are the actual colours of the ewe.
3. Chunky gold bangles.
No bigger than 8mm thick, and round edged. They’d have to be custom-made I guess. One for each wrist.
4. An Austin Osman spare drawing.
One of the black and white automated sketches.
5. A stuffed rhinocerous.
For the sheer ostentatiousness of it. She would live in my office and I would use her as a coat rack.
They are my favourite animals. My teddy when I was a child was a rhinoceros.

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