Vanessa Seward, designer
1. A gold “Orgues” lamp from Maison Charles
I only discovered the Maison Charles recently thanks to Suzanne Koller and I fell in love with all of their golden lamps.
2. One of Jason Glasser’s paintings from his “Wavvvvvves” exhibition
I love Jason Glasser’s work, I already bought “American Music”.
3. A year subscription to the pool of the Royal Monceau
As the Ritz Club is closed for the moment.
4.”Hugh Hefner’s Playboy” Collectors Edition by Taschen
I’m a big fan, my dream is to visit the mansion some day.
5. A Nikon “Coolpix SO1″ camera
Apparently it’s tiny (the size of a credit card) so I’ll finally stop taking photos only with my phone.
(below) Vanessa at Christmas in 1973.

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