Larry Leight, founder and creative director, Oliver Peoples

1. A WaveJet Surfboard.
This awesome board is a battery operated jet powered hybrid surfboard.
There are some surf breaks around my house in Hawaii that I would like to ride
but could use some speed assistance when paddling into the wave.
2. A classic, mint condition Westfalia Volkswagen camper.
My 12 year old daughter is beginning to really love surfing. I grew up surfing
the California coast – traveling all over and camping in different surf locations.
I would love to do this again with my family. The Westfalia was always my favorite car
and seeing one brings me back to a special time in my life. It has everything you need
but it’s not a full camper. It’s just perfect for that kind of trip.
3. A Rolex Milgauss.
I’ve always loved the subtle, striking detail of this watch. It feels sporty and modern
but still somehow extremely classic.
4. A week stay at the Golden Door.
Although living a really healthy lifestyle can be difficult at times, a week retreat at the
Golden Door would be a great gift. I have never been but I hear amazing things about it.
I am always striving to find a balance in my life and I’m sure the calming, tranquil
nature of this place would get me on the right track for 2012.
5. Health, happiness, and success for my family and loved ones in the upcoming year.
Nothing could make me happier.

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