Anthony Vaccarello, designer

1. My boyfriend
Couldn’t imagine all I’m doing without him.
2. Jeans
An essential I couldn’t live without. Mostly old Dior Homme or Acne.
3. Shirts
Simple and straight, a size up, non-ironed. Jil Sander or Raf Simons are my favorites.
4. An old white T-shirt
Rick Owens and Uniqlo.
5. iPod
A good soundtrack for each moment.
6. My old black Balenciaga leather sneakers
Because I’m always walking in Paris and I suffered enough to make them soft and cool.
7. All my angel friends
Life without them sucks.
8. My dog
Second hugs in the morning.
9. Red Wine with the Fassbinder filmography
Relaxation and aesthetic after a long working day (and sometimes even when I’m working.)
10. Gris Clair de Serge Lutens
Only in Winter. I don’t like perfume during summer when it’s hot.

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