Selected by Chirstopher Niquet.
“The Celebrity Circus” by Elsa Maxwell.⁠
“Elsa Maxwell was a party-goer and a party-giver, a friend of the great and glamorous, and a great gossip.
This great columnist of the middle of the twentieth century, chronicles in this book her life swimming with the international smart set: in Long Island
with CZ Guest, Monte Carlo with Greta Garbo, London with Noël Coward, Greece with the Niarchoses or San Francisco with Maria Callas.
Published in 1963, the places and the people she name-drops still bring to mind decades later a certain idea of great fun and decadence.” ⁠

Christopher Niquet is an author and co-founder of 65CPW a portrait portfolio about people and their relationship with New York City.
In 2020 he will be launching a limited edition book publishing company as well as a perfume with fragrance company Régime des Fleurs.⁠

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