Selected by Elodie David Touboul.

1. My family⁠.⁠
2. Books and movies I don’t have time to read or watch during the year⁠.⁠
3. The Doors (Especially on the road)⁠.⁠
4. Vetements x Brioni masculine shirts and any other of my husband’s shirts⁠.⁠
5. Clarins sunscreen for its smell reminding me of my childhood.⁠
6. My over-worn, completely broken Borsalino straw hat.⁠
7. Very classic Eres bikinis⁠.⁠
8. Vintage Cutler and Gross sunglasses.⁠
9. Prada sandals, for me they’ve been the best for so many years⁠.⁠
10. Rosé wine. French. ⁠

This summer’s destination: Japan.⁠
⁠Elodie David Touboul is Fashion Director of Self Service Magazine.

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