To celebrate our newly launched Self Service website Index, we asked
Justin R. Saunders of jjjjound to select his favorite images.

1. What is your obsession of the moment?
The sun. I have trouble saying indoors this summer.
2. When did you discover Self Service?
I guess when I started looking into fashion around 2002 ?
Before I only cared about graffiti magazines, skateboard magazines,
The Source and Penthouse / Playboy.
3. Which is your favourite issue?
I like the issue with the Tommy Ton quote on the cover. Loved that – I should of bought it.

4. Do you collect Self Service, if so, why?
I consume a lot of content online – the iPad version is great btw.
I guess I’m a digital kid – which is why I’m a fan of the new INDEX feature.

5. Which is your favourite editorial?
I love everything you guys did it’s all relevant and inspiring.
I enjoy photos similar to the Marco Zanini birkins pic…
Feels like an ebay photo – so good. Was that even an editorial ? Love it regardless.
6. What are your upcoming projects?
Just launched L’atelier J in Montreal this year, a design studio of sorts.
A justification for collaborating with great folks.

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