In the countdown to New York fashion week, we asked our favorite stylists
and fashion travelers to share their fashion week packing list. Those essential items
in their suitcases that bring comfort and glamor during four weeks of fashion shows.

Gaia Repossi, creative director, Repossi

1. Past collection Céline clogs

Because they feel retro.

2. Céline Highlander black sandals

I’m so tall. And they’re so simple.

3. Anthracite Flap bag

My favourite always.

4. Alex Wang pumps

Because Alex is my young genius.

5. Tommy Hilfiger/ Colette loafers

My favourite shoes. I feel like a college boy when I have them on.

6. Martin Margiela gray leggings.

Became part my professional uniform.

7. Céline Black tuxedo pants

So elegant.

8. 4 Gaia Repossi x Alex Wang Rings

To never leave my hands naked. To praise and spread my message over the Atlantic.

9. Love Note Book / Spiral Jetty Picture

To remind myself of  my goals, my inspirations, my trips (mental and travels) and my love.

10. 4 Céline Turtlenecks

I don’t like the air conditioning in cabs.

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