For the next eight days, in the countdown to New York fashion week, we asked our favorite stylists
and fashion travelers to share their fashion week packing list. Those essential items in their suitcases
that bring comfort and glamor during four weeks of fashion shows.

Loic Prigent, documentarist

1. An Eastpak backpack

To carry my camera, memory cards, batteries, invitations and passes. I saw one of my

backstage colleagues, a photographer, with a Louis Vuitton bag that had hundreds of

very chic compartments, but I need to be able to throw my bag under a makeup table

and forget about it for an hour without it attracting loads of admiring glances and

above all I need to be able to forget about it when I’m carrying it on my back in crushed crowd.

2. Cakes from Claus (14, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Paris)

It’s a restaurant for breakfast, really excellent breakfast, and they sell cakes, too.

There are cakes for kids in the shape of mice and owls that are really good.I’m always

hungry during the shows.

3. A two-dollar cap with no brand name

4. A jacket with lots of pockets from Kitsuné

Left pocket for full memory cards, right pocket for blank memory cards.

5. A good Keops deodorant stick

Crush outside, crush inside, no time to take off your huge scarf, the air con that doesn’t

work half the time in the tent in the Tuileries, the hot, the cold, the hot cold: you need

a good deodorant.

6. The WWD of the day.

They give them out free now! It’s magic! That and Cathy Horyn’s column and daily blog on

The New York Times website and you’re totally immersed into the parallel universe of fashion.

7. iPhone

8. Sturdy Red Wing shoes

In order to survive being stepped on, puddles and falling over.

9. Whipped cream

When things get stressful, it doesn’t matter what it is or where it is, but put whipped cream

on top, and a good mood comes back immediately.

10. Patience

You can’t buy patience in a tube yet. But if you could, I would buy them by the dozen.

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