Gaia Repossi, artistic director, Repossi.

1. Light blue ranch jeans
They match with all and always look good.

2. Vintage Wrangler jean shirt
Looks casual and more chic knotted.

3. Flat suede Hermès ankle boots
So simple and chic with a skirt and rolled-up jeans.

4. Black or brown Hermès flat Richelieus.

5. Céline blazer in navy or beige
Also vintage YSL and vintage Ralph Lauren.
To look chic but not overdressed.

6. Vintage Wrangler jean shorts
For everyday during summer.

7. Vintage-style bags
Céline, vintage Hermès, vintage YSL.

8. A Chloé or YSL vintage cape
So different for evening.

9. Ukrainian shirts
I love bohemian and hippie looks.

10. Wayfarer tortoiseshell sunglasses
I don’t have any others.

11. Ethnic jewellery or the silver or gold jewellery I designed.
It’s always strong and never looks over the top.

12. Aesop rind orange body cream
My favourite since I was 16…

13. Aesop mandarin face cream
Light and organic.

14. Mizensir café glacé scented candles
My favourite smell for my house.

15. Serge Lutens’ Datura Noir
I love it because it smells like coconut and reminds me of summer.

16. Indian shawls
In silk or cashmere. Always good in a hippy look.

17. Borsalino or vintage Panama hats
In the summer I find these so elegant with a very simple outfit.
It’s easy and I feel myself in it.

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