Richard Nicoll
1. A Francesca Woodman print from Alison Jacques gallery that I saw at Frieze Art Fair.
I’ve always loved her work and seeing it in the flesh sealed it for me.
2. Le Labo Poivre 23 Fragrance.
Because I’ve run out.
3. We recently moved into a new house and have been busy home-making and have a new obsession
with Austrian white enamel kitchenware brand Riess.

Anything by them will be great, thanks very much. I love the mugs that are a more
sophisticated (but not by much) version of camping mugs I used to use as a kid.

4. I’ve needed a decent camera for years and have finally set my lens on a Leica V-Lux 20.
I have started blogging so my crappy Blackberry camera won’t cut it any more.
5. We made a late 70′s gay porn collage T-shirt for men in collaboration with Linder Sterling and
the charity gallery House of Voltaire’s pop-up store in London.

I can’t wait to receive my own. All of those produced so far have gone ‘straight’ in store.
Julie Verhoeven who is involved with the pop-up store also sent me a funny email about them the other day,
“Love your House of Voltaire Linder blow job T-shirt. Fab! Joe Scotland was sporting one on the party night.
I felt the quality too!”

6. I have my eye on a Collier Schorr collage that I saw at Stuart Shave’s gallery Modern Art.
In fact that would be top of my list Santa, if you’re listening?

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