Richard Nicoll, designer
1. Jewellery from Jordan Askill
Everything that he does is so poetic and I love it all as much as I love him, his is the only jewelry that I wear but I would like more.
2. A sculpture by British artist Polly Morgan
Anything will do, her last exhibition in London was seriously incredible, I’m moving into a new house early next year and
reducing my interior possessions, getting rid of a lot of things and to have one of her pieces in the place of many would be perfect.
3. Complete set of Edward St Aubyn books in the Patrick Melrose series
I’ve read the first two and need to complete the set. They are darkly satirical and bleak and have a funny cynical tone that I like,
they are super easy to read so I’m hoping to finish them on the beach in Sydney this Xmas.
4. Margot Henderson’s cook book ‘You’re All Invited’
Her restaurant in East London, The Rochelle School Canteen is one of my favourite places to eat
and this book includes many of the signature recipes.
5. A ticket to see Tame Impala in Sydney
They are from the same suburb as me in Perth and are one of the best bands ever to come out of Australia in my mind.
I was gutted to miss their Brixton Academy gig in London because I was away.
(below) Richard celebrating Christmas in Australia

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