Derek Blasberg photographed by Lyle Maltz at Derek’s family’s house, near Hillsboro, Missouri.
This picture is from my family’s house in rural Missouri. It’s near a town called Hillsboro,

andin the past few decades my Uncle Fred has amassed about 300 acres of untouched natural
Midwestern wilderness. This picture is called from The Glade, which is basically the rocky

side of a mountain where the soil is so thin not much vegetation grows and there’s large patches
of low grass. It’s fun to sit here, and watch the sun set and the stars come out. But you have to
be careful of ticks. Not long after this picture was taken last year I found four of the little blood-suckers
on my body and had a panic attack; I made my Aunt Tina call the Missouri Red Cross, which
thankfully told her that there’s never been a single recorded infection of tick-related Lyme’s Disease.

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