Loïc Prigent, documentarist.

1. La crème chantilly

2. Renting a house
For the holidays and reading Simenon novels in it. Even better if situated in front of the sea, or with the smell of freshly cut grass.

3. Embroidered pillows from Maison Darré

4. Paintings and drawings
From Charles Karubian, Yuko Murata and Eddie Martinez and many more.

5. The Breton sculptor Quillivic

6. Kitsuné
The music, the clothes, the knits, the Kitsuné ‘en vrai’ parties.

7. Geneviève Gauckler’s illustrations

8. The Louvre
For the work of Watteau and Chardin

9. Eating crab
Even better if in front of the sea.

10. A good fuck

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